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Digitize freight sales and operations

Get automatically new customers: To gain new customer you need to provide rates at the right time at the right place.


Who won‘t be present for customers on platforms in the future will be having a competitive disadvantage. Market transparency will be more and more requested by customer, which the latest market developments already have proofed right. That does not mean, you have to rebuilt your structure and organization from the scratch. With SHIPSTAGO you can take a huge step toward the digital transformation.

Benefits by working with us

Get faster quotes

Get faster quotes


Save time on quoting online


Speed up your quoting process and provide shippers your rates within a couple of minutes
Save process costs

Save process costs


Reduce the costs of sales


Increase your profit by cutting the process costs of quoting
Market insights

Market insights


Increase the transparency


Improve your marketing & sales strategy by getting access to valuable market insights
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How it works

Only three steps to success

STEP 1 Receive inquiriy


Get automatically notified about new requests from existing and new customers.

STEP 2 Make a offer


The standarized request format and quote format simplyfies the quotation process.

STEP 3 Get a new client


Receive the Award of Business directly and fast.

Select your own level of transparency

Share your rates online and gain a seamless, automated process to your selling process. No more emails and manual efforts!


Your data protection and transparency is very important to us so you decide if you want to fo private or public.
Quickly upload your rates to SHIPSTA as per RfQ
(Spot Request)
Publish your rates and make them accessible online at any time.

What we offer

Rate Management

Free rate management


Handle all your rates centrally in one place with easy import and export

Supplier database


Become automatically a member of our supplier database

Instant quoting


Synergy with 600+ top freight forwarders across 87 countries

Automatic matchmaking


The algorithm based supplier matching leads you to new clients
Quote archive

Central spot quote archive


Store and share all your spot quotes
at one place
Quote format

Standardized quote format


Standardized quote templates increase the productivity


Get the latest news about us, logistics
and procurement and digitalisation.


Get the latest news about us, logistics
and procurement and digitalisation.


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