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Optimize your freight tendering process with SHIPSTAGO and bring structure to your freight tenders. With our web-based platform you can tender your freight rates quickly, easily and digitally. Reduce your administrative effort, gain greater market transparency and compare the offers of your logistics providers as well as the complex evaluation of the offers at the push of a button. Communication during the tendering process is automated so that shippers and forwarders always receive up-to-date information at the same time. Freight tender processes run smoothly and you also receive a high quality reporting and rate monitoring.


Improve your freight tendering process

Save process costs

Best price


Get optimized freight rates


Best possible freight and logistics cost for your freight tenders. Compare the freight quotes at the touch of a button.



Maximize market transparency


Bundle your purchase power with maximum transparency and get an overview of your rate trends, supply performance and spend management.



Save time


Reduce administrative effort and costs: Run your freight tender online instead of handling the excel tsunami.
Tender your freight online and reduce administrative efforts!

See how easy it works

Just 5 steps


Freight tender preparations

For a successful tender it is mandatory to have all information in one place in the right quality
Define your standard rate sheet structure and set it up in the centralized rate management. Once the rate structure has been set up the shipment data can be quickly uploaded by Excel import or through interfaces to TMS and ERP systems. Sanity checks will make sure that the data is uploaded in the requested quality. Shipment data updates and rate profile adjustments can be easily done at any time.


Create your freight tender

Menu-guided tender setup process
Follow the menu-guided tender setup process and easily add all necessary information for your tender: Invite trusted suppliers, define timelines, select the lanes to be tendered and share documents.


Start your Freight tender

Launch your tender and lean back
SHIPSTA manages your timelines and sends out invitations, reminders and bid closing notifications automatically to your suppliers. Improve your data quality: Supplier quotes get checked line by line and will give feedback to them directly if an entry is rejected.


Analysis your freight tender

Making complex things look easy
Once the quotes of the suppliers have been received, the analyses of the tender can start. The system will immediately begin to calculate your pre-defined scenarios. SHIPSTA enables you to evaluate the tender results at the touch of a button.


Award of business

The final step
Add your selected quotes per drag and drop to a rate cart and award the business to your favourite supplier. Share your results automatically with all stakeholders.

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